Recent Projects

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Restored historic marker for the Convent of St. Mary’s (above) - before (left) & after (right)

Provided funding toward the restoration of Florida’s Flagship, the “Western Union”

Working on the Mitchell Vault roof

Restoration of the Mitchell Vault roof

Provided gravestones for Olivia & George Adderly

Provided funding to relocate the Sue Moore House (Marathon’s first school teacher), to save it from demolition

Purchased a Historic Marker

Restored historic fencing at Clinton Square, along with the historic marker

Provided funding: Tavernier Historic Marker

Watertower, located at Reef Building, the Albury House in Key Largo, before & after photos

Memorial to Sandy Cornish (died about 1869).  A freed slave that became the target of slave hunters, he mutilated himself so as to be useless as a slave.  In Key West he became one of the wealthiest land owners and founded the AME Cornish Church.

Hulbert Tomb, restoration by HFKF volunteer contractor, Wayne Giordano

Fence around Catholic Cemetery; funded by HFKF & generous donations from:  Charlie Toppino & Sons, Edward B. Knight & Louis Cobo.

Plaque at Old City Hall

Armory grant money at work